Land Rover camper interior coleman 424 2-burner stove and sink
Coleman 424
Our main cooking takes place on this 2-burner stove which uses unleaded petrol. We really wanted to be able to cook inside as well as outside, so a portable stove was definitely the only option for us. The Coleman stove is very durable and rugged and easy to store because everything fits inside the carry case. We chose a petrol stove over a gas stove, because it is very easy to find fuel and in most cases is cheaper than buying new gas bottles all the time. 
We love using this stove, but to be honest it took some time before we got the hang of it. You have to develop some sort of ritual when getting ready to cook, in order to get the right pressure in the system for a nice, blue flame. When everything is ok though, it burns really hot and is very nice to cook on. With the foldable wind screens it is very resistant to high winds, and when folded in, you can even fit rather large pans. A downside of this stove is that, when spilling food, it is pretty hard to clean around the burners and underneath the edges. 
BioLite FirePit
If there's one piece of gear we wouldn't want to miss on any of our adventures, it is definitely this awesome FirePit! We use it to keep warm underneath our awning on chilly evenings, but also quite often to cook on. We absolutely love cooking on open fire and do it as often as we can. By having control over the fire with the different ventilator speeds, you can create a smokeless fire and have some control over the intensity and temperature of your flames. We have the additional carry-bag with integrated solar panel which charges the ventilation unit. This unit also features an usb-charging point where we can charge a phone or power some lights. Considering the limited storage space available in our truck, this thing is pretty large but definitely worth it! We store it in one of the aluminium boxes on our roof rack and that works really well. 
Using a Dutch Oven on the BioLite FirePit
Making coffee on the beach with the BioLite CampStove 2
BioLite CampStove 2
Another awesome device from BioLite is this little CampStove. It was our first camp-cooking equipment we ever bought and is still part of our main kit. It is definitely more fun to work with than a small gas-burner and is totally free in terms of fuel, as it burns on small twigs, pine cones etc. Like the FirePit, this stove also uses a ventilator for optimal combustion, but the coolest part of it, is that this one charges itself converting the heat of the flames into electricity! This means you basically never need to hook it up for charging and it is always ready to go. Besides charging the internal battery, it can also charge other devices through the usb-port. We use it to bring on hikes or to cook a quick breakfast or lunch. It is also very efficient in boiling water with the specially designed kettle, 1L in approximately 4.5 minutes. The whole system packs together really small into the kettle, so it always fits in our backpack.
Coleman Camp Oven
Maybe more a luxury item than an absolute necessity, but we are very happy with this oven because it gives us more possibilities and creativity while cooking. It is durable, easy to store and quick to set up. Thanks to this oven we are able to make everything from lasagne and pizza’s to homemade cakes and cookies!
By placing the oven on top of the Coleman Stove and because of the aluminium material the oven easily reaches temperatures of 230°C. After use the oven cools of quickly. You can fold the oven to a very compact package for easy storage. 
Coleman oven
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